How to arrive in Salsomaggiore Terme General Information

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  • Comune di Salsomaggiore
  • Info Viabilità Locale
    Comando Polizia Municipale
    Comune di Salsomaggiore Terme
    piazzale Stazione
    43039 Salsomaggiore Terme
  • Tel: +39 0524 205011
  • Fax: +39 0524 205020

from Salsomaggiore Terme: Parma 32 km , Piacenza 40 km, Milan 115 km and Bologna 122 km.

How to arrive in Salsomaggiore by car
via Emilia, Parma - Piacenza way; Superhighway "Autostrada del Sole A1", exit Fidenza (12 km); Superhighway "Autostrada Parma - La Spezia A15", exit Fidenza; Superhighway "Autostrada Brescia - Torino A21", exit Fidenza (12 km). Visit the web site of the Italian Superhighway Autostrade Italiane

For information on road network:
Polizia Stradale: Centro Coordinamento Sicurezza Stradale
1518 call-center of the pubblic national usefull number. The service is operating every, day 24 hours a day, it gives information on national road network.
Autostrade S.p.A
Call center viabilità 840 04 21 21 - The service is operating every, day 24 hours a day, it gives information on national superhighways network. For information visit the official web site of Autostrade Italiane

Municipal Police of Salsomaggiore Terme
Tel. +39 0524 205011 - Emergency call 800 451451
Openinig time:
- working days from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm
- Wednesday and Friday even from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Pubblic holidays CLOSED.
Other transport and connection:
 - by train: Milan - Bologna raileay line. Local Railway station: Salsomaggiore Terme. In Fidenza (9 km) change, get the shuttle for Salsomaggiore. Visit the Trenitalia website:
 - by bus: TEP Bus Service, extra-urban line. Visit the TEP web site
 - by plain: "G. Verdi" Airport in Parma (32 km).
Reservation Office tel. +39 0521 9515 or visit


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