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Fidenza and the Francigena Road

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  • Tourist Information Fidenza
    Casa Cremonini
    piazza Duomo, 16
    43036 Fidenza
    Tel. +39 0524 83377
    Fax +39 0524 519159
Fidenza, crossroads of merchants, armies and religions; European culture passed through here and before the impressive Cathedral both kings and the mighty as well as the poorest traveller bowed their heads and dropped their knees.

The Francigena Road leading from Canterbury to Rome is an itinerary that belongs to history. A main road walked in the past by thousands of pilgrims travelling throughout the whole Europe to Rome.
Men, cultures, languages and history have trodden this pat, and signs of their passage are still visible: for example you can find the extraordinary art of the Cathedral of San Donnino in Fidenza, not to mention the Town Hall, the Medieval Tower and the noteworthy Cathedral museum.

The Cathedral - Piazza del Duomo is right in the centre of the medieval town and is dominated by the impressive facade of the Cathedral dedicated to San Donnino.

The Cathedral Museum has two sections, one in the Bishop's Palace with the treasure of Saint Donnino and the other in the north matron's gallery of the Cathedral, used to preserve the art collections of the museum.

Casa Cremonini and the Medieval Tower - The tower, built in 1364, stood at the west gate of Fidenza; it is part of the same building as Casa Cremonini on a pathway centred on the Cathedral designed by Antelami and the archeological area with the ruins of the old Roman bridge.
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Address 43036 Fidenza (PR)

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